Experience Dining

Excellence at Paymasters

Welcome to Paymasters, where a dining experience with enchanting views and ambiance awaits you. Our ground floor offers seating for 46 guests, providing a spacious area to enjoy our culinary delights. For those desiring a more intimate setting, the upper floor provides 24 seats in a cozy, elevated atmosphere.

Adding a touch of romance to our seating options, we offer exclusive balcony seating for 10 guests. This space is perfect for intimate dinners or small special occasions, offering spectacular views and a serene ambiance that truly enhances the dining experience.

No matter where you choose to dine with us, every seat promises a memorable encounter with our delectable cuisine and the picturesque Newcastle Harbour. Your unforgettable dining experience at Paymasters awaits.

Reserve your table today and create unforgettable memories with Paymasters. We are eager to serve you!