Take Away Menu

Pick up only

Wednesday – Saturday 12noon-8pm

Sunday 9.30am – 2.30pm

Orders can be placed on line at our website




Garlic Bread           $7.0

Cheesy Garlic Bread               $7.5

Gluten Free Roast Pumpkin Corn Bread                $7.5

Herb and Parmesan Bread              $7.5

Hunterbelle Cheese Pack                $30.0


Children’s Meals

Chicken nuggets, chips and salad           $7.5

Battered Fish, Chips and salad               $7.5

Children’s Fettucine Bolognaise            $7.5


Meals to be REHEATED at home

Creamy chicken and vegetable curry and rice                $16.5

Massaman beef curry and rice                                        $16.5

Satay chicken  and rice   $16.5

Honey mustard chicken  and rice   $16.5

Beef Lasagne          $16.5

Potato and leek soup               $12.5

Chicken and sweetcorn soup          $12.5




Meals cooked to order ( ready to eat)

Garlic cream prawns and rice (small/entree)         $18.5

Garlic cream prawns and rice (large/main)                    $29.0

Sticky sesame cauliflower and rice                $16.5

Roast pumpkin and pinenut arancini              $15.5

Baked camembert cheese               $15.5

Spanish chorizo croquettes             $17.5

Chicken schnitzel parmigiana w/ salad and chips           $27.5

Lemon and rosemary lamb rump w/ sweet potato mash           $28.0

Pan-fried Moroccan spiced glazed Atlantic Salmon

w/ sweetcorn and pumpkin risotto          $28.0

Supreme Breast of chicken w/ a cheddar &chive stuffing, green peppercorn cream sauce and roast vegetable medley             $28.0

Butternut pumpkin and sage ravioli w/ sundried tomato, red onion cream sauce               $28.0

Sweetcorn, mushroom and pumpkin risotto           $22.5

Garlic Prawn Pasta                 $28.0

Chilli Prawn pasta                  $28.0

Roast vegetable pasta in napolitana sauce              $25.0

Gluten free garlic or chilli prawn pasta          $28.0

Fettucine bolognaise       $25.0

Greek chicken    for 2 $50.0  for 1 $30

Lemon and oregano marinated deboned chicken served with a roast vegetable medley and a Greek salad




Numerous beers and wines on offer please check our online ordering






Sticky date deep pan pancake w/ butterscotch sce and dollop cream $12.5

Banoffee Deep pan pancake w/ butterscotch sauce and dollop cream $12.5

Gluten free Sticky date and banoffee pancakes with butterscotch sauce and dollop cream            $12.5

Gooey chocolate and walnut brownie $12.5

Rockin Rod’s Rocky road      $9.0


Sunday Breakfast

Bacon and fried eggs w/ hashbrown, grilled tomato and toast $15.0

Bacon and poached eggs w/ hashbrown, grilled tomato and toast $15.0

Bacon and scrambled eggs w/ hashbrown, grilled tomato and toast $15.0

Breakfast pancake with bacon, caramelised banana and butterscotch sauce  $17.5

Spanish omelette w/ chorizo sausage and roast capsicum & toast  $17.5

Ham and cheese croissant       $12.0

Bacon and cheddar scones (2)        $7.5

Scones (2) w/ jam and dollop cream      $7.5



Thank you very much if you have any Dietary or Allergy requirements please call Rodney on 0437262600