Roast Pumpkin and Cherry Tomato Bruschetta: (gf/v options available) Sauteed roast pumpkin, Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil served on toasted pana de casa with a fetta crumble and caramelised balsamic glaze                                                            Entrée ~18.9  

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Baby Doll Sav Blanc (V)

Jackfruit Quesadilla: (v/gf) Fresh Jackfruit braised with smoky Southern American spices layered with white corn tortillas                    Entrée ~18.9  Main ~29.9

Wine match ~ (g) or (B) Paxton Pinot Gris (V)

**Sticky Sesame Cauliflower: (gf/v) Cauliflower florets fried in a light batter tossed with a sticky sesame sauce                                    Entrée ~18.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Baby Doll Sav Blanc (V)

Roasted Field Mushroom: (V option available) Roasted field mushroom filled with roasted sweet potato and served with a roast pumpkin pinenut and spinach salad                                                                                                                                                                            Entrée ~19.9

Wine Match – (g) or (B) Petal and Stem Pinot Gris Rose (V)

Sweet Corn Zucchini and Fetta Fritters: Sweet corn, zucchini and fetta fritters served with a rocket, beetroot and fetta salad drizzled with a caramelised vinegar glaze                                                                                                                                                                            Entrée ~ 19.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Tamburlaine Verdelho (V)

Vegetable Pad Thai Noodles: (gf/v option available) Wok-Fried vegetables and white rice noodles tossed in a tangy tamarind marinade Main ~ 29.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Paxton Tempranillo (V)

Roasted Tomato Puttanesca: Roasted Roma tomatoes tossed with red onion, capsicum, confit garlic, chilli and capers with linguine      Main ~ 29

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Tamburlaine Cabernet Franc(V)

Cauliflower and Chickpea Coconut Curry: (gf/v) Mild aromatic coconut curry with Chickpeas, cauliflower and selected vegetables and black sesame rice                                                                                                                                                                                            Main ~ 29.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Kalleske GSM or  Baby Doll Sav Blanc (V)   


Dessert :

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake: Dark chocolate mudcake served with coconut ice cream and fresh berry salad                                 (Vegan)  15.9             


All meals marked as V are Vegan friendly including the wine matches


Wok Fried Greens (gf/vegan) with garlic and chilli ~ 9.9

Steamed Greens (gf/vegan) with sea salt and cracked pepper oil ~ 9.9

Fried Cocktail Potatoes (gf/vegetarian) with herb and garlic butter ~ 9.9

Root Vegetable Salad (gf/v) with balsamic dressing ~ 9.9